Love week 4

Love your enemies. Yep, I went there. This is a struggle for me everyday. When I read that, I understand it as I'm supposed to be close, friends, friendly, trust, give them anything they want. That is what most people would read into that. Love is a powerful, widely defined word. For anyone to say... Continue Reading →


Traditional living on our own.

Hello all, I thought I would talk about our way of living and what it's like for us. The challenges and rewards. I have to say first that the word traditional is looked at as taboo anymore because today's society doesn't understand and look at people who live this way as almost a cult or... Continue Reading →

In The News 2/16/19 Part 2

Ok, so I'm back with more. Again, there was just so much struck out at me last week that I even deleted a few to make this shorter. 1. This first article is interesting. Keep in mind we have facial recognition now. Obviously Artificial Intelligence is around so why the need to create faces? Just... Continue Reading →

Love week 3

Love in Marriage A love for someone comes before marriage or at least it should. True, deep love and devotion comes after marriage. Loving someone is easy. It happens even to those who aren't looking, who don't want it (from being hurt before). To be devoted in love for life happens after marriage. It comes... Continue Reading →

Preserving Our True History

History. Where do you get your information? Who do you ask for advice? Do you trust them? Do you trust any of your resources? Going to high school and then college I never asked these questions out loud or acted on them but always wandered to myself. I would here a story such as WW2... Continue Reading →

In the news 2/9/19

Hello all! I just thought I would bring to light a news article I noticed last week with some of my own thoughts with it. Before I do, I want to make clear the reason I write the things I do. I write about subjects that are near and dear to my heart. These subjects... Continue Reading →

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